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"It is always a treat to hear the UNLV Wind Orchestra and Ventanas 

 is another fine recording by this superb ensemble.  The title work is a

  composition by Silvestre Revueltas (transcribed by Zane Douglass)

   and predates his famous Sensemaya by six years.  Ventanas

    (Windows) is a tone poem filled with dissonance, musical chaos

     and brief moments of lyricism. Also included on this recording is

      the pisturesque Salmo della  Rinascita by Anthony LaBounty

       (influenced by the composer’s tour of Italy), Malcolm Arnold’s

        Water Music, a classic work for orchestra winds, and the

          brilliant Celebration by Bruce Broughton.  The remaining composition is Michael Kamen’s                      acclaimed work, Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra (transcribed by Zane Douglass and                       performed by Eric Marienthal).  - Bandworld Magazine (Ira Novelselsky), October 2014

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